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Description The Aberdare National Park, with an area of 767 Km2  covers the higher areas of the Aberdare Mountain Ranges of Central Kenya, from altitude of 1829M to 4001M above sea level.  The topography is quite diverse with deep ravines that cut through the forested eastern and western slopes. Animals easily observed in the park include; the Black Rhino, leopard, baboon, black and white Columbus monkey and Sykes monkey. Rare sightings include those of lions, the golden cat and the bongo- an elusive forest antelope that lives in the bamboo forest. Animals like the eland and spotted and melanistic serval cats can be found higher up in the moorlands. Visitors can also indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands. Bird viewing is rewarding, with over 250 species of birds in the park, including the Jackson’s Francolin, sparry hawk, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers. ACTIVITY OPTIONS
  • Game viewing
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Horse riding
Facts about Aberdare ACCESS: By Road The park is readily accessible on tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the eastern side and it’s 150 Kms from Nairobi. A road crosses the park through the lower slopes upto the Moorlands to connect with another on e from Naivasha on the western side. Naivasha is 87 Kms from Nairobi – Park Hqs from where you load your “Safaricard” is 15 Kms from Nyeri, along Nyeri – Nyahururu road. By Air The nearest airstrip is the Mweiga Airstrip on the opposite side from Park Hqs along Nyeri – Nyahururu road near Sasini Estate Farm.  PARK GATES AND DISTANCE FROM NYERI:
  • Ark Gate                 – 28 Kms
  • Treetops Gate        –  17 Kms
  • Ruhuruini Gate        –  20 Kms
  • Kiandongoro           –  30 Kms
  • Wandare Gate        –  47 Kms
  • Others are Shamata, Rhino and Mutubio Gates.
SAFARI CARD REQUIRED? * Park entry is now by Safaricard only.  Safaricards may be loaded and obtained at Park Hqs Mweiga. ACCOMMODATION: In – Park Accommodation Lodges
  • The Ark lodge, which is managed by the Aberdare Country Club
  • The Treetops lodge, which is managed by Outspan Hotel in Nyeri.
KWS Self – Catering Accommodation:
  • Tusk camp bandas
  • Fishing lodge house
  • Sapper Hut.
Both Fishing Lodge House and Tusk Camp Bandas have Care takers who can assist visitors during their stay. Sapper Hut is most ideal for honeymooners. Camping Facilities
  •  Public campsites   –  Ruhuruini, Reedbuck
  • Special campsites –  Bongo, prince Charles, Nyati, Queen Beatrice, Muringato.
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