Lake Eyasi is a seasonal shallow salt-water lake on the floor of the great Rift Valley at the base of the Serengeti plateau, just south of the Serengeti national park and immediately southwest of the Ngorongoro crater in the crater highlands of Tanzania. The lake is elongated, orientated southwest to northeast, and lies in the Eyasi-Wembere branch of the great Rift Valley.

Uniquely beautiful lake Eyasi lies at 1030m between the Eyasiescarpment in the north and the Kidero mountains in the south. Like lake Natronfar to the northeast, Eyasi makes a rewarding detour on the Ngorongoro trip foranyone looking for something remote and different. The lake itself variesconsiderably in size depending on the rains and supports a mix of water birds,including huge breeding-season (June to November) populations of flamingos andpelicans. In the dry season, it’s little more than a parched lakebed, lendingto the rather otherworldly, primeval ambience of the area.

the presence of the traditional hadzabe lends a soulful human presence to the region.Also in the area are the iraqw(mbulu), a people of Cushitic origin who arrived about 2000 years ago,and Datoga, notedmetal smiths whose dress and culture is quite similar to the Maasai.

the scenery of lake Eyasi differs dramatically to that ofthe surrounding areas. Compared to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro highlands thisarea seems downright tropical. Palm trees border the lake and make homes forbirds such as Fischer’s lovebird. Other trees in this area include the umbrellathorn acacia and sand paper bush. The weather is nearly always very hot andintense, as the lake is located in floor of the Rift valley, the oldest rift inthe world.