Kidepo valley national park lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya, some 700 km from Kampala.Gazette as a national park in 1962, it has a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475 bird species.

Kidepo is Uganda’s most isolated national park, but the few who make the long journey north through the wild frontier region of Karamoja would agree that it is also the most magnificent, for kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses. The park contains unusual, not often sighted predators such as the aardwolf, bat-eared fox, caracal, cheetah, hunting dog and striped hyena. The park also contains the usual plains animals such as lions, leopards,giraffe and other common herbivores. Small cats are also found within the park.Herbivores include elephant, rothschild giraffe, nile buffalo, burchell’s zebra, oribi, klipspringer, Uganda kob, greater and lesser kudu, warthog, bushpig, topi, grant’s gazelle, eland, bushbuck, common duiker, bush duskier, roan antelope, beisa oryx, dik dik, defassa waterbuck, jackson’s hartebeest,chandlers mountain reedbuck and bohor reedbuck. Carnivores include lion,cheetah, leopard, caracal, serval, spotted hyena, stripped hyena, aardwolf,african hunting dogs, black-backed jackal, side-striped jackal and bat eared foxes. Primates found in the park include the endemic (found nowhere else) kavirondo bush baby.465 species of bird have been recorded in the park and 58 of these are birds of prey and 14 of these are endemic to the region.