Katavi national park lies in Mpanda district in the west of Tanzania.With an area of 4471 km², it is Tanzania’s third largest park. Together with the neighboring rukwa, lukwati and luafi game reserves and numerous forest reserves, this ecosystem of 25 000 km² is the heart of one of the biggest and richest wildlife areas in Tanzania. Katavi national park got its name from the spirit katabi (from the wabende tribe). Legend says that it lives near lake katavi in a twin pair of trees (tamarindus indica and faidherbia albida).

Katavi national park is the heart of one of the biggest andrichest wildlife areas in Tanzania, the katavi-rukwa ecosystem. It encompassesthe second largest wildlife population of Tanzania (after the bigger nationalparks of serengeti and ruaha). In total, 50 species of large to medium mammalspecies are confirmed to exist in the park. Inventories still need to beconducted to identify or confirm particularly the nocturnal and secretivespecies.