Gombe stream national park is located in western Kigoma region, Tanzania,10 miles (20 km) north of Kigoma, the capital of Kigoma region. Established in 1968, Gombe is the smallest national park in Tanzania, with only 20 square miles (52 km2) of forest running along the hills of the eastern shore of lake Tanganyika. The terrain is distinguished by steep valleys, and the forest vegetation ranges from grassland to alpine bamboo to tropical rainforest.Accessible only by boat, the park is most famous as the location where Jane goodall pioneered her behavioral research conducted on the chimpanzee populations. The kasakela chimpanzee community, featured in several books and documentaries, lives in Gombe stream national park.

The majority of wildlife to be found at Gombe stream isprimates. In addition to the famous chimpanzees, you may see olivebaboons-these have also been researched since the 1960s and are exceptionallyhabituated to humans. You may also spot the red-tailed and red columbusmonkeys; the latter is regularly hunted by chimps and so they stick to theforest canopy.